Timeline illustration; text in page
Timeline illustration; text in page

November 2, 2015: Operational Committee appointed
2016: Operational Committee creates infrastructure for Criterion Committees
January 2017: 2018 Pathways introduced to University Council
February 2017: Criterion Committee chairs appointed
March 2017: School-specific evidence gathering begins
April 2017: Criterion Committee members appointed
June 2017: Criterion Two begins pilot program using HLC Assurance
August 2017: Institutional Research & Analysis evidence gathering begins
October 2017: Criterion Committees hold initial meetings and attend training by Operational Committee
February 2018: Criterion Committees submit final draft of evidence arguments
February-May 2018: Operational Committee: reviews content, standardizes evidence to meet HLC requirements, uploads evidence files and argument into HLC Assurance system and links all evidence
June 2018: Criterion Committees review argument within HLC system
July 2018: University leadership reviews argument within HLC system
August-September 2018: Edits made based on feedback
November 5, 2018: Final Assurance Argument “locked” in HLC system for HLC review
November-December 2018: University is on call to answer HLC review team’s questions