Provost’s Diversity Work Group

The following list shows members of the Provost Ed Macias’ Diversity Work Group, along with their school affiliation.

  • John Baugh, Arts & Sciences
  • Brian Carpenter, Arts & Sciences
  • Marion Crain, Law
  • Mary Ann Dzuback, Arts & Sciences
  • Diana Gray, Medicine
  • Debra Haire-Joshu, Brown School
  • Jeff Lowell, Medicine
  • Judi McLean Parks, Business
  • Jim McLeod, Administration
  • Leah Merrifield, Administration
  • Shelley Milligan, Administration
  • Helen Piwinica-Worms, Medicine
  • Carolyn Sargent, Arts & Sciences
  • Larry Shapiro, Medicine
  • Lisa Siddens, Administration
  • Elzbieta Sklodowska, Arts & Sciences
  • Denise Ward-Brown, Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts
  • Gerhild Williams, Arts & Sciences
  • Frank Yin, Engineering
  • Luis Zayas, Brown School

The work group is divided into several subcommittees, including those on Accountability, Data, Target of Opportunity, Search Procedures, Mentoring, Leadership Development, Exit Interviews, and Ombudspersons.