Licensure Disclosure Form

Licensure Disclosure Update Form

Please confirm that the following direct licensure disclosures have been made, or are being made as admissions cycles continue, and that your school can provide documentation if audited.

Please list your school's weblinks to all “make available” licensure disclosures. (i.e. Admissions information)

Please upload the following documents using the naming format at the end of this form.

Maximum upload size: 51.2MB
Maximum upload size: 51.2MB

Document naming format (for auditing purposes)

List of all programs leading to licensure/certification subject to the WashU Licensure Disclosure Policy.
Upload file named: “year_all programs list_school”
Example: “2022_all programs list_McKelvey”

Templates of direct disclosure message(s):
Upload file(s) named: “year_disclosure message_number_school”
Example: “2022_disclosure message 1_McKelvey”

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