Nominations sought for vice provost for graduate education

The Vice Provost for Graduate Education will serve as a collaborative partner and key member of the Provost’s core leadership team, regularly advising the Provost on graduate education trends, programming and policy and partnering with the professional schools. The Vice Provost will promote diversity and inclusiveness throughout the graduate life cycle, including teaching, learning, mentoring, and professional and scholarly development and will collaborate with student group leadership.

The Vice Provost for Graduate Education position is particularly timely in light of the ongoing strategic planning process and restructuring of the Graduate School. The Vice Provost will further advance ongoing initiatives and develop partnerships across the university. The ideal candidate understands the current trends, challenges and opportunities in graduate education, both at WashU and in higher education.

One of the key charges of the Vice Provost will be leading, creating, and implementing the newly established Doctoral Council. One of the primary roles of the Doctoral Council will be to regularly review and support the enhancement and growth of our Ph.D. programs. As the Doctoral Council is further refined, it will be crucial for the Vice Provost to collaborate with our School Deans and school-level graduate program leaders on strategic graduate education initiatives. The Vice Provost will also play a key role in advancing graduate and professional education as part of our university-wide strategic planning process.

The three year appointment will begin as early as January 2021.

Those who are interested in submitting a letter of interest or wish to put forward a nomination should send documents directly to Lisa Siddens at In the nomination, please include a rationale for nomination and a current curriculum vitae. All materials are to be received by Monday, October 25, 2021, and self- nominations are encouraged. All letters of interest will be treated in a fully confidential manner. An administrative team will review all files and will conduct a confidential process to select the Vice Provost.

The Vice Provost for Graduate Education will be intensely focused on the Danforth campus and partner with our colleagues on the Medical campus. The Vice Provost must be a tenured full professor; prior administrative experience is preferred.

Summary description:

  1. Oversee the quality, programming and management of all Ph.D. granting programs at Washington University.
  2. Promote and advance diversity and inclusiveness in graduate admissions, education and student support across the University.
  3. Advise the Provost; in this capacity serving to work with School Deans to raise the profile and excellence of the Ph.D. programs across Washington University.
  4. Oversee University strategic priorities related to graduate and professional education. Partner with the Provost, School Deans, and Vice Provosts to implement strategic priorities.
  5. Chair the governing bodies of university-wide student groups.
  6. Oversee management of the university-wide Liberman Graduate Center in the Danforth University Center, which is a resource for all graduate and professional students, and advises all university-wide graduate and professional student groups.
  7. Administer and manage university-wide graduate fellowship programs and budgets.
  8. Record, disseminate and interpret University-wide graduate academic policies.
  9. Foster interdisciplinary learning and academic innovation.
  10. Design professional development programming for graduate and professional students.
  11. Serve on the University Council to represent the interests of graduate students.