Adia Harvey Wingfield

Faculty Fellow

Adia Harvey Wingfield is Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Office of the Provost. Her primary duties as a Fellow involve working closely with the Provost and Vice Provost Adrienne Davis to implement a university-wide postdoctoral program designed to increase the pipeline of underrepresented scholars on Washington University’s campus. Adia’s research focuses on the processes that maintain racial and gender inequality in professional workplaces. She has lectured internationally on her research this area, and has published her work in numerous peer reviewed journals including Gender & Society, Social Problems, and American Behavioral Scientist. Adia is also the author of several books, most recently the award-winning No More Invisible Man: Race and Gender in Men’s Work. In addition to serving as a Faculty Fellow, she is also President of Sociologists for Women in Society, a professional organization devoted to advancing gender equality in sociology.