J. Rene Canady

Sociology | Entering Year: 2020

Rene Canady’s career goal is to understand Black liberation through bioengineering and community action around health and wellness. Currently she is a PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis conducting research on the racial dynamics of bioengineering. Her other research interests are Black health activism and the pharmaceuticalization of marijuana. Rene recently created the Joint Highpothesis Podcast in order to better educate her communities on marijuana. She is a public speaker and freelance writer for non-profit organizations. 

Rene is a 2020 bioengineering graduate from the University of Pittsburgh and recently co-authored a policy memo on defining race in scientific research and is also an NSF Graduate Research Program Fellow. She enjoys farming, dad jokes, herbalism and soccer. She feels supported by the Black Saint Louis community as a transplant and is proudly from New Kensington, Pennsylvania.