About the Award

The William H. Danforth St. Louis Confluence Award (STLCA) is designed to elevate WashU’s investment in the St. Louis Region by encouraging and rewarding faculty research that enhances our impact in St. Louis. The STLCA honors and recognizes faculty members for ongoing and completed research that focuses on interdisciplinary community-engaged research that exemplifies impact, innovation, and deep engagement with the region.

A $50,000 cash prize is given in recognition of faculty research initiatives. The awardee has the opportunity to present their research, receive award, and celebrate among their colleagues and community.

2023 William H. Danforth Confluence Award Top 10 Finalists Research Summary

A summary of the community-engaged research led by WashU faculty, community partners, and university collaborators. Each research project is explained in this video in three minutes, using one slide.