Provost's Messages

Time-Sensitive: Vice Chancellor for Research


To the Faculty of Washington University:

The recent announcement of Vice Chancellor for Research Sam Stanley’s appointment as president of SUNY-Stonybrook has created an immediate need which I’d appreciate your help in addressing.  As you may know, Dr. Stanley will depart Washington University on June 30, 2009.  We therefore face a situation whereby an Interim Vice Chancellor for Research is needed to support our research mission on both the Danforth and Medical Campuses.  I write to seek your nominations for this position.

The Interim Vice Chancellor for Research should be a faculty member with demonstrated abilities to understand and facilitate cross-school research enterprises.  Collaboration and innovation are important, as is an understanding of both the federal and private grant-seeking enterprise.

Following the appointment of an interim, we will conduct a nation-wide search for a permanent Vice Chancellor for Research (the interim may or may not be a candidate for the permanent position).  An advisory committee will be appointed to assist in identifying candidates to fill the position of Vice Chancellor for Research.

For now, please email me any nominations for the Interim Vice Chancellor for Research position by clicking on the “give feedback” button. Click here for more information about the position. I look forward to communicating with you throughout this process.