A course’s eligibility to earn a given number of credit hours toward a degree is based upon the number of contact hours between instructors and students over the course of a semester. This standard is fundamental to the integrity and accreditation of our degrees and programs. Therefore, students may not enroll in courses with overlapping meeting times.

Exceptions will only be made in extraordinary circumstances and will require approval of the Office of the Provost. In order to qualify for an exception, a student must be otherwise unable to meet minimum degree requirements (i.e., the requirements of one major and the relevant school specific degree requirements) within eight semesters. The student must first inquire with the relevant units (department/program or school) as to the possibility of an alternate course being approved as a substitute for one of the courses with overlapping times. 

Once the Office of the Provost confirms the student has no other path to completion of their degree within eight semesters, student would need to seek agreement from both instructors and document a plan to ensure that the student can complete all learning objectives for both courses. Only then will the student be allowed to enroll in both courses.

Graduate or professional students or students in CAPS who wish to enroll in overlapping classes should reach out to their program’s administrative or advising office for instructions on how to proceed.

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