Welcome! As provost and chief academic officer at Washington University, I am responsible for teaching, learning, scholarship, and research across the Danforth Campus.

I feel privileged to join Washington University in St. Louis at this critical time. Universities are uniquely suited to seize this moment. It is in the university that faculty kindle a desire for knowledge in their students who in turn channel a spirit of inquiry into real action. It is in the university that faculty engage in the hard work of understanding the context of a problem and establishing the contours of its solution. Universities are where our past is explored, our present examined, and our future pursued.

Beverly Wendland
Provost Beverly Wendland

Anneliese Ceisel works in the lab of Dr. Grant Challen at the Washington University School of Medicine.

Diversity and inclusion

Universities create knowledge and ideas, and better ideas and decisions come from groups of people with different backgrounds and experiences.

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