The U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, specifically 34 CFR 668.43 (a) (5) (v) and 34 CFR 668.43 (c) require disclosures by institutions regarding educational requirements for programs leading to professional licensure or certification regardless of modality. 

Washington University in St. Louis will review and update the licensure information annually. Students should be aware that state licensure requirements are subject to changes. While a program may originally meet the educational requirements for licensure, changes in requirements could impact the program’s ability to meet any new educational requirements. Students should always check with their state licensure board to confirm licensure requirements. 

Information on disclosures by School: 

  1. Arts & Sciences 
  2. Brown School 
  3. Olin Business School 
  4. McKelvey School of Engineering 
  5. Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts 
  6. School of Law 
  7. School of Medicine 

Student Location:  

For purposes of licensure disclosure, the current student location is the State where the enrolled student is located and is based on the “Home” address entered into the university’s Student Information System (SIS).  This applies to all students (i.e., undergraduate, graduate, and professional) and programs. 

  • For a prospective student, this is the State of the prospective student’s location at the time the student applies for admission or intends to enroll.   
  • For students whose permanent address does not include a U.S. State or territory (e.g., students living outside the United States), their location will be considered the State of Missouri. 

Licensing and authorization requirements can vary by state therefore any relocation by prospective and current students can impact their ability to continue the course, meet the eligibility requirements of that state, and/or receive financial aid funding. Any student considering relocation should contact their program to check for authorization and licensure eligibility requirements.   

If a student’s home address changes, they should update their record in SIS to receive relevant information about licensure requirements in the state where they are located.