Washington University regularly conducts surveys of various parts of the WU community.  For each of these surveys, we collaborate with other highly selective schools to share data, to be able to make meaningful comparisons.

  • The PULSE survey asks all undergraduates about aspects of their experience at WU, including academics, advising, majors, and student affairs.
  • The Senior Survey, administered to graduating seniors, invites students to reflect on their time at WU, to evaluate their undergraduate experience, and to report on their plans for the future.
  • The Alumni Survey reaches alumni one year out, five years out, and ten years out, and asks about careers, further education, and how well they think WU prepared them.
  • The Parent Survey invites parents of enrolled students to give their perspectives on their child’s college choice process and their own interactions with WU.
  • The Doctoral Exit Survey is administered to graduating doctoral students; it gives them the opportunity to evaluate WU, their doctoral program, faculty advising, and professional development, and to report on their plans for the future.

The survey instruments for recent administrations of these surveys can be found here:

PULSE Survey:
Senior Survey:
Alumni Survey:
Parent Survey:
Doctoral Exit Survey: