Institutional Data

Washington University in St. Louis collects and analyzes institutional data about students, faculty, academic programs and faculty research to promote informed decision-making, planning and policy for university leadership.


Diversity counts: race / ethnicity / citizenship

Summary and detailed five year trends, Fall 2013-2017


Washington University seeks to understand the undergraduate student experience in part by conducting a set of surveys. We survey all undergraduates in the spring of odd-numbered years, with a survey called the PULSE – Perceptions of Undergraduate Life and Student Experience.  In the spring of even-numbered years, we survey graduating seniors as they look back and their undergraduate experience and forward toward the beginning of their careers.  We survey parents of undergraduates to get their view, and we survey alumni one year out, five years out, and ten years out; both of these surveys occur less frequently, about every four years.

The survey instruments for recent administrations of these surveys can be found here:

The Washington University Doctoral Exit Survey provides graduating doctoral candidates with an opportunity to evaluate their institution, doctoral program, faculty advising and professional development and report on their plans for the future. Washington University initiated this survey during the 2013-14 academic year; doctoral candidates are surveyed when they graduate: in August, December, and May.

Diversity counts: race / ethnicity / gender

Diversity counts: race / ethnicity / gender


Lisa Wiland
Director, Institutional Research & Analysis