Leading to October 28-29, 2024 HLC Comprehensive Review

2022: Operational Committee creates infrastructure for Criterion Committees

Jan. 2023: 2024 Review process introduced to University leadership

April 2023: Criterion Committee chairs appointed

May 2023: Criterion Committee members appointed

June 2023: School-specific evidence gathering begins

Aug. 2023: Institutional Research & Analysis submits  AY2022-23 data

Aug. 2023: Schools submit school-specific information to be used by Criterion Committees

Oct. 2023: Criterion Committees attend training sessions led by Operational Committee and holds initial meetings

Feb. 1:  Final draft from Criterion Committees due

Feb–May:  Operational Committee:

•reviews content

•standardizes evidence to meet HLC requirements

•uploads evidence files and argument into HLC Assurance system and links all evidence

June: Criterion Committees review argument within HLC system

July:  University leadership reviews argument within HLC system

Aug–Sept:  Edits made based on feedback

Sept 30:  Final Assurance Argument “locked” in HLC system for HLC review

October 28–29: On site peer review visit

Nov/Dec:  Team draft report sent to WashU for errors of fact check