Given the challenges associated with the ongoing COVID pandemic, the complexity of an online start to the semester as well as the transition to in person learning in the third week of the semester, instructors have been asked to provide reasonable flexibility regarding assignment deadlines and assessments to students affected by illness, quarantine/isolation, or travel delays. This was in addition to standard guidance provided annually to instructors on requests they may receive for academic accommodations for a variety of reasons. The University also recently updated guidance to faculty on supporting religious observance during the semester, as well as created a policy limiting assignments that can be due immediately following a break.

If you are concerned regarding discrepancies between the guidelines or policies above and your experience in a particular course, you may register that concern here.

Your concern will be sent to the relevant official in the school which houses this course. If you provide your contact information below, that person will follow up with you. That official will not disclose your identity to the instructor or department in question. If you do not provide your contact information, the official’s ability to take consequential action may be limited. Your advocacy through this process will contribute to better aligning the course practices with the intent of University policies and guidelines, but particular outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

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